5 key benefits of migrating SAP to Azure

At myCloudDoor we are helping companies achieve operational excellence through business strategy-driven cloud technology.

We help increase the value of cloud adoption and accelerate their migration through automated and deep analytics, improving internal efficiency and migrating applications agilely. Such was the case for Philips, who needed to automate, innovate and migrate their SAP Landscapes with minimal downtime, maximum compliance and infrastructure as code.

After completing the project, their IT and Technology Innovation Business Manager wanted to go public with his experience and stated, “myCloudDoor met the criteria we were looking for. It was fast, it was young, it is hyper-concentrated and therefore offered in those three angles exactly what I was looking for Philips. He has definitely met and exceeded my expectations”.

Based on our experience with companies in similar circumstances, we have defined 5 key benefits of migrating SAP to Azure that are a “before and after” for your business success:

1. Extend SAP by gaining a full set of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service capabilities.

2. Drive ROI in a way that other public cloud providers can’t match.

3. Gain more complete compliance coverage.

4. Pay only for what you use at any given time.

5. Maximize availability for productive SAP systems.

If you migrate SAP to Azure, you get:

  • An integrated, flexible, and scalable platform that can function as a fully public or hybrid cloud solution.
  • Productivity through access to a wide range of business-critical capabilities.
  • Security and compliance with Microsoft’s industry-leading commitment to data protection and privacy.
  • An average savings of 30% in total cost of ownership.
  • 99.99999999999% data availability through a less restrictive policy.

Elena Cabezas
Elena Cabezas
Marketing Leader

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