Cloud Analytics

The Cloud Analytics area has the purpose of offering the possibility of automating business intelligence processes through a solution with great added value. Conventional Business Intelligence systems provide a tool in decision-making support; These benefits, used under the cloud computing paradigm, provide innumerable benefits, such as the elasticity of the cloud, payment for use, the use of managed services automatically and the dynamic optimization of resources. Effectively, the process of digital modernization requires adapting this type of technology to be able to undertake the business processes in each of the companies.

Specialization Lines


An exclusive and isolated installation, which releases your data in SAP to generate quick reports, in real time and flexible.

You can create powerful SAP reports without using a SAP login connector. We use a fundamentally different approach: to open a world of possibilities. Now you can create a flexible reporting environment at a cost that makes sense for your business, avoiding putting a burden on your SAP transactional system.

Reporting Standardization - Paper Less

Communication of data is essential, but for it to be of real value, it must be coherent, concise and easy to interpret. Furthermore, it must be easily accessible. We provide our partners high quality reporting solutions that absolutely transform the way and speed information is delivered to executives, employees and clients.


Intelligence is in our hands, covering end-to-end solutions.

We follow the best practices to build a BI project and all its components, such as the ETL process, database design, business logic and the visualization layer. Being experts in Microsoft tools, we use SSIS, SQL, SSAS and Power BI to be more productive in the construction of solutions with the latest technology.


Advanced Analytics is the last stage of data analysis, which allows a company to cross the line to the next level, being able to predict and prescribe decisions.

Cloud Cost Monitoring

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the IT world. This technology has quickly become the central technology of preference for the best companies worldwide. Being such a crucial investment, we have developed the Cloud Cost Monitoring application, to help companies know precisely when, where and at which level resources are being consumed, visualizing the monetary costs and predicting future needs.

Predicitive Applications

Knowing what is coming next is certainly a difference maker. Imagine how valuable it would be to know what the day of tomorrow will bring to our businesses. Predictive analytically fuelled Applications will allow you to foresee the opportunities and avoid the trouble.

Advanced Time Series Models

Seasons, quarters, weekdays, circadian cycles. Time is relentless, but affects companies in very specific and diverse ways. With Advanced Time-Series Modelling, we are able to identify the trends and read the patterns, adapting accordingly and increasing efficiency while minimizing risks.

Machine Learning

State-of-art techniques and tools to make the best business-oriented calls: endorse decision-making with the power of data and advanced computing.