Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing is exciting and offers numerous benefits, but it also presents challenges and change that need to be addressed. myCloudDoor Cloud Consulting services are meant to help and support our customers in their Cloud Journey, from strategic Cloud training to assess the benefits for your organization, designing roadmaps and making recommendations on how to overcome those challenges avoiding risk and obtaining the expected benefits.

Specialization Lines


At essence Cloud Computing is a new framework of technology on top of virtualization offering numerous innovative IT services at a previously unknown agility.

But technology is still the enabler to business strategy and innovation. Our Business Advisory services are meant to provide a clear vision of the strategic benefits and possibilities that Cloud Computing offers to enterprises aligning business goal with TCO reduction and quicker ROI.

Business Case & TCO

To help decision-makers business cases are created and one of the main factor could be TCO. We analyse each business case vs TCO in three different areas: 1. Capital Expenses. Hw and Sw costs 2. Operating Expenses. Services, support and maintenance fees and 3. Indirect Costs. Potencial downtime and time-to-market delays.

Cloud RoadMap Design

For a cloud adoption, myCloudDoor creates a roadmap to guide you from your present state to the desired future vision completely adapted to each organization needs. From Cloud Essentials to a Transition Planning passing through Planning, Migration and Maintenance Phases.

Software Asset Management

Particularly important for large corporations, but not only in those companies, SAM covers redistribution and managing of Sw licensing from the management of legal risks issues to the software expiration and ownership. Improve financial security, Cost control, volume discount, liability control, improvement of corporate governance, legal risks control …. are some of the benefits covered with SAM.


Enterprises which have started their Cloud journey find excitement finding out the endless possibilities that the new technology offers.

However, they soon become aware that there is the need for structuring and organizing this new way of consuming IT resources. Cloud Transformation Projects, from adoption to migration, from demand management to automation and from governance to service and cost management, the Cloud needs to be efficiently controlled, organized and managed. This is where you can find the need for Cloud Transformation and making sure that everything, specially costs, are under control.