Cloud Migration Specialists myCloudDoor and Velostrata partner to deliver ‘SAP Migration as a Service’

Velostrata Speeds and Simplifies Cloud Migration for SAP

Cloud Migration Specialists myCloudDoor and Velostrata partner to

 deliver ‘SAP Migration as a Service’


SAN MATEO, Calif. – July 10, 2017 – Velostrata, a leader in cloud migration and workload mobility, today announced a partnership with myCloudDoor, specialists in Cloud and IT transition services, to deliver SAP migration services that will help enterprises migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure faster, more easily, and with no risk of data loss. The program will combine myCloudDoor’s expertise in all phases of cloud migration, from assessment and discovery to execution and managed services, with Velostrata’s unique cloud migration platform that is optimal for moving complex, multi-tier workloads like SAP.


Advantages of Moving SAP Landscapes to the Cloud

By moving SAP to the cloud, organizations can avoid overprovisioning infrastructure and build out SAP environments that can easily scale to the changing needs of the business. Enterprise IT departments can also expedite the creation of SAP Sandboxes, as well as development and training systems and other short-term use cases and take advantage of the Cloud automation, rapid deployment tools and consumption-based pricing. By migrating existing SAP environments out of aging hardware, organizations are also able to eliminate datacenter hardware refresh and storage upgrades.


“We see a great need among enterprises for knowledgeable people to help guide cloud migration strategy, and the right tools ensure a smooth migration,” said Jose Hernandez, CEO of myCloud Door. “Successful SAP migration requires deep understanding of the application itself and its many dependencies. Velostrata’s unique migration platform allows companies to migrate both the applications and associated data in a way that gets workloads in the cloud quickly, while avoiding risk of downtime and data loss.”


The Velostrata-myCloudDoor Solution

myCloudDoor has over 15 years of experience doing SAP migrations to Microsoft platforms, and now brings this expertise to help customers migrate SAP landscapes to Microsoft Azure. This “SAP Migration as a Service” combines myCloudDoor’s experience and migration methodology with Velostrata cloud migration and workload mobility software, which creates a unique offering to help customers to move their SAP workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in a safer, quicker and more efficient way.

Velostrata’s patent-pending workload streaming migrates SAP landscapes to AWS or Microsoft Azure in minutes, without the complex sync and cutover challenges and data consistency pitfalls that exist with agent-based replication solutions. Velostrata moves the actual SAP instances first, and then streams the data in the background, while WAN optimizations, deduplication, and multi-tier caching ensure the application performs normally. Reads and writes are first captured resiliently in the cloud, then synced back on-prem, so there is a safety net in the event that an instance needs to be moved back to the data center.

“Velostrata’s platform was engineered to migrate complex workloads like SAP from on-prem to public clouds. Our agentless, streaming-based approach incorporates key tools like our Runbook Automation that script and automate migration of multi-tier workloads, said Ady Degany, CTO and co-founder of Velostrata. “myCloudDoor has expertise in both SAP and Microsoft Azure, making them an ideal partner to help enterprises with their SAP migration strategy.”

Pricing and Availability

Organizations looking to learn more about leveraging myCloudDoor and Velostrata are encouraged to contact Velostrata at


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About Velostrata

Velostrata cloud migration and workload mobility software makes it possible to move enterprise workloads from on-premises or co-lo data centers to the cloud with speed, scale and simplicity. Unlike replication-based approaches, Velostrata’s agentless platform moves applications and data to the cloud in minutes. The software is easy to deploy and manage, and can significantly reduce the risks associated with migration. Unique capabilities let organizations “test before they migrate” in minutes without taking production applications offline, and provide ongoing flexibility to easily move workloads back on-premises or to another cloud region. Velostrata also works at scale, allowing migration of hundreds of parallel migrations per day, while leveraging built in wan optimizations and deduplication. Velostrata is backed by Intel Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and 83 North and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with research and development in Israel.


About myCloudDoor

myCloudDoor provides IT consulting and services to help enterprises successfully adopt, migrate and implement cloud solutions. The company specializes in integrating SAP Business Solutions, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. myCloudDoor has offices in Spain and the US. For more information, visit



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