Cloud Transformation Projects

Cloud computing is exciting and offers numerous benefits, but it also presents challenges and change that need to be addressed. myCloudDoor Cloud Consulting services are meant to help and support our customers in their Cloud Journey, from strategic Cloud training to assess the benefits for your organization, designing roadmaps and making recommendations on how to overcome those challenges avoiding risk and obtaining the expected benefits.

Specialization Lines

Cloud & Hybrid Architecture Design

We have the best Cloud Architects who always guarantee to design state of the art architectures which optimize costs, performance and security.


myCloudDoor Agile Cloud Migration is the own myCloudDoor methodology based on Agile to “move”/migrate to the Cloud Enterprise Applications.

It’s the safe way in the journey to the cloud in the Enterprise Arena. It is based on six different blocks or phases: Assessment -Workload Analysis, Migration Test Run, Testing and Adjustments, Migration Tuning Run, Migration Live Run and Go Live.


Agile Cloud Deployments join the Agile Cloud methodology with our own tools to accelerate on-premise applications to the cloud.

With the cloud model, you can provision Agile management tools and accelerators within minutes and scale globally with thousands of users without having to manage IT infrastructure.


myCloudInstant, the place where Clouds, Applications and Services join to help Enterprises in their Cloud journey. myCloudInstant is a Cloud application which allows for customized deployment and installation of SAP Solutions on Azure Public Cloud. myCloudInstant provides free SAP Installations that fit your cloud architecture with no commitment

SAP on Azure

Join the most complete process functionalities of SAP solutions with a platform absolutely flexible and elastic provided by Microsoft Azure makes the perfect mix. Run SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure – Microsoft and SAP have partnered to bring customers the best of both worlds, enabling customers to take advantage of on-demand resources in the cloud and maximize the value of their Microsoft and SAP investments. Join the most complete process functionalities of SAP solutions with a platform absolutely flexible and elastic provided by Microsoft Azure makes the perfect mix.

Hybris Projects

Every project in Hybris is unique. The different set of modules, different configuration, different design, different customer expectations. Increasing demands and challenges make us create a highly customized solutions. The pieces of functionality that fit for any Hybris project is key but more important is the experience and multi-disciplinary people that have to deliver a solution that covers: e-Commerce. The mix of very technical and business people that myCloudDoor introduces in each Hybris project makes the difference in the market.


The technology is not enough, it is necessary a cultural change.

But humans have a natural resistance to change so our objective is overcome it, we help to adopt technology as soon as possible. The business gets all the benefits: productivity improvement, collaborative environment, maximization ROI…. UX Transformation is critical because the users have to change their work methodology and we teach them how to use the available tools and give value to their customer. Although you have the tools, if the user don’t turn the methodology, UX tools won´t give you benefits.

Knowledge Corners

A place where you can resolve your questions, where you get help about Office365 and where you learn some tips! This tips will change your daily tasks so your days are better and more productive.

Strategic Changes Design

This activity is the most important in a UX transformation process because a good strategic change design guarantee a successful transformation. This is a custom design for your needs and its objective is to align business and changes.

Business Process Transformation

We identify a work methodology which can be transformed with Office tools. The objective is to create better processes, optimized processes. These processes will simplify your daily activities.