How to easily install SAP on Azure

As you probably already know, Microsoft Azure and SAP have extended their association agreement to help the companies in their digital transformation . Now, after several months reading the news, it is the moment of execution and stop wondering how to install SAP in Azure

myCloudInstant is the answer. This Cloud tool offers innovative solutions to companies with agile deployments of SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure in a matter of minutes . Yes, minutes, not days, nor months. This makes the management 100% efficient, without forgetting the cost optimizationof Cloud consumption on Azure. In addition to save time and money, myCloudInstant predicts consumption costs, so we can take more control of Cloud expenses. Here you can see a demo of how to install a SAP HANA application and a Hybris environment in minutes.

The steps are the following:

  • Register: first of all you need to register into the application
  • Login: you have to login into your myCloudInstant.
  • Requisites: you need an Azure account and a user with administration permissions.
  • Deploy: select the SAP solution you require and complete the wizard.You should finish the configuration steps and click in “Deploy Solution”.
  • KEEP CALM it’s coffee time: depending on the selected solution and virtual machine size, you will received and email with the login data and SAP credetentials in less than 90 minutes.
  • Support: althoug the process is finished, you can contact us through the support page.

“myCloudInstant is an innovative solution that allows companies to deploy SAP solution on Azure in minutes”

Now the moment of truth seems to have arrived, Will you deploy a SAP solution on Azure? Tell us your experience and ask us any doubt you may have.

Javier Aguado
Cloud Services Director at myCloudDoor. Contact me at:

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