Move your SAP system to Azure in minutes, with myCloudDoor

Would you want to see how to generate SAP instances in Azure in minutes? Would you want to know how to migrate your SAP system to the cloud in minutes? Discover during this session the reasons why our customers are using Microsoft Azure as their platform for their SAP environments as well as the benefits that the cloud brings. In addition, you’ll see a demo of SAPinstant, the myCloudDoor solution for provisioning SAP environments in Microsoft Azure.


  • Microsoft Azure Introduction
  • Partnership between Microsoft and SAP
  • Meet myCloudDoor
  • Challenges of SAP infrastructure and how the cloud solves them
  • Microsoft Azure as SAP platform
  • SAP start-up in Azure
  • SAPinstant demo
  • Next steps
Jose A. Hernandez
Founder & Global CTO at myCloudDoor

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