myMasterData webinar with Adveo


Create time by harnessing interoperability in your data flow with myMasterData!

Thursday 19 October 2017
BST 4 pm/ CET 5 pm /PT 8am/ ET 11 am/ CST 1Oam



One of the enablers they used in this journey was a tool to manage master data. A tool that would:

  • Help simplify a complex process and improve control and compliance.
  • Ensure that the correct people are engaged in the process and thus improve collaboration and accuracy.
  • Be compatible with their Azure cloud platform.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.

If you want to learn more, please join our ‘Experience Sharing’ webinar on Thursday, 19 October, where Luis Ramos (CIO at Adveo) will discuss how his organisation overcame some of their challenges through collaboration between Cordis Solutions, Adveo and myCloudDoor.

Some of the early benefits that were recognised at Adveo included:

  • Improvement in efficiency of material master data management processes.
  • Centralised governance and approval processes, leading to reduction in errors.
  • Reduction in costs by over 33%

About Companies

About myCloudDoor – myCloudDoor provides IT Consulting and Services for successfully adopting, migrating and implementing Cloud Solutions. Official SAP and Microsoft  Partners. Currently one of the only two expert European partners with certification for SAP on Azure within the Microsoft Platform Modernization Alliance. We are specialized in Integrating SAP Business Solutions and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

About Cordis Solutions – As a global partner of SAP and Microsoft, Cordis Solutions is a recognised provider of enterprise-class solutions that facilitate business transformation. Cordis’ software enhances interoperability by combining and simplifying the raw power of SAP with the simplicity of Microsoft, to access important information from across the enterprise. Cordis Solutions empowers companies to capture and use the data that drives their business forward.

About Adveo – Adveo is the leading company in Europe, specialised in the wholesale distribution of material and comprehensive solutions for different working and teaching environments. With a team of over 1,200 professionals, Adveo offers more than 17,000 customer-distributors, across Europe, the best range of products and services through the widest range of brands.


For further information please contact: Javier Aguado  &

Julianna Dunavolgyi

Jose A. Hernandez
Founder & Global CTO at myCloudDoor

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