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Madrid, Spain – December 22nd 2022

Our CEO, Marcos De Pedro shares in diario Expansión his vision on what are the main objectives that companies are looking for around:

  • Clouds
  • Big data
  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the drivers of digitization and the evolution of business models committed to the sustainability of the world we live in.

The evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is accelerating the transformation in many sectors, generating significant impact and advantages, but what are the main objectives that companies are looking for around Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? “Undoubtedly, to be more agile, efficient and competitive and, in turn, to reduce costs and their CO2 footprint. But keeping an eye on achieving flexible operational excellence by converting information systems into agile solutions based on containers and microservices on the Cloud,” says Marcos de Pedro, CEO of myCloudDoor, a Spanish company specializing in services associated with the cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which was founded 11 years ago and has expanded throughout Europe, the Middle East and America.

And he adds: “additionally, they want to eliminate the data silos of traditional IT to achieve a single Data Lake, where all the data of the stakeholders, especially customers, suppliers, products, services, margins and competitors are located. As well as transforming and managing this data from different sources and in different formats to get the RIGHT DATA to make the RIGHT DECISIONS, making business grow much more flexible, agile and sustainable. A good DATA Strategy is fundamental in this global transformation of all businesses”, explains de Pedro.

In order to meet these objectives, myCloudDoor has developed proprietary solutions that facilitate the transformation of governments such as QATAR or DUBAI and companies in different sectors such as: banking, insurance, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, oil & gas, retail, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, manufacturing, electricity, water and environmental services, publishing, infrastructure and highways, parking lots, etc.

“Companies want to be more agile, efficient and competitive, and in turn, reduce costs and their CO2 footprint”.

In the last two years they have grown by more than 50% annually in Cloud, SecDevOps, Data, AI professional services to help more public and private sector companies and organizations in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East benefit from cloud and Big Data capabilities from their “delivery centers” in Latin America, Spain, Emirates and India.

“The market value in the cloud is increasing day by day due to the cost and emissions savings related to the boom in automations; the demand for services based on this technology and business continuity; and, of course, thanks to the huge investment made year after year by the three leaders: Microsoft, Amazon and Google, given their enormous capacity to easily access the necessary capital,” says the CEO.

Attracting, managing and retaining talent

As is well known, “our industry is suffering from a lack of talent. At this point I think it is important to focus on well-being, work-life balance and the freedom of choice of residence that leads to remote work. By working with Cloud technologies, many employees can set their residence wherever they want, teleworking. This modality of work is something that we integrated years before the pandemic because we considered it key to avoid the exodus to the main cities and keep the rural areas of our country populated, with professionals full of talent and happy to live where they want to live, without having to give up a career in the most advanced world of technology and with the most demanding customers. Professionals already accustomed to training remotely, and who continue to do so when entering the labor market, without having to leave their roots”, says Marcos de Pedro.

The fact is that myCloudDoor has a significant number of professionals spread throughout the national and international geographical area. In our country: Andalucía, Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Canarias, Asturias, Cataluña… from where they work remotely for clients of the main companies all over the world while they live their day to day in the Spain emptied with the most advanced technology.

But for this modality to be effective in both directions and promote team bonding, it is vital to see each other in person from time to time. “At myCloudDoor we have a motto: Good people, good people, with whom we meet periodically to maintain person-to-person contact. If we really want to encourage Spanish SMEs to generate employment in a hollowed-out Spain, this way of working is essential,” says Marcos de Pedro.

Choosing well between clouds

From myCloudDoor they understand that while Microsoft, Amazon and Google clouds are technologically very similar, and any competitive advantage lasts a few months, you have to be very aware of their business model. According to the CEO, “Simply put, Microsoft wants your money; Google wants your money and your data; and Amazon wants your money, your data and your business.” For this and other reasons, they recommend to their customers Microsoft’s solutions, both Modern Workplace (identity) and cloud computing (data, machine learning and artificial intelligence), since “we understand that Microsoft is a company focused on the Cloud, which relies on specialist partners such as myCloudDoor for the development of its business. Currently, Microsoft is the hyperscaler that invests the most in security, specifically USD 1 billion per year1, as well as in fulfilling its commitment to the environment. This favors our stance towards a holistic view of the business, which of course includes customers and suppliers,” concludes Marcos de Pedro, CEO of myCloudDoor.

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