Why Microsoft Cloud

We believe that the success that is achieved with the cloud should be within the reach of each company and organization, whether large or small, old or new.

The Only Cloud: Enterprise Level, Hyper Scale, and True Hybrid

Microsoft is the only Cloud provider that combines a Hyper Scale cloud offering, a truly hybrid platform and an Enterprise Level Support for your cloud workloads with Enterprise level SLAs.

Complete set of integrated Cloud offerings

Microsoft has a complete set of integrated cloud offerings, from infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and all its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. As an example, a PaaS development can easily integrate with a VM on Azure IaaS and easily integrate with app services like Sharepoint and CRM Online.

Leader in 6 Gartner’s Cloud Magic Quadrants

Microsoft is considered by Gartner (Oct 2017) as a leader in six of the nine Cloud related Magic Quadrants.

Industry leading with Security, Privacy and Compliance

All of Microsoft’s services are independently verified to meet legal and compliance requirements, are financially backed, and offer transparent information on their availability. Microsoft was the first cloud provider that adhere to ISO 27018. At this time, Microsoft has an industry leading compliance portfolio with over 60 offerings.

Native SSO among services and on-premises

Being able to offer Single Sign On is key among multiple cloud services and onpremises apps is key for employee productivity and IT management. Microsoft natively offers SSO among its cloud services, offers REST API for custom apps and federation and directory sync services with AD and other directories.

Broadest partner ecosystem

Microsoft Partner Network includes hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. By working with this broad partner ecosystem we can offer better solutions and better services to our customers. For every dollar of Microsoft services sold, our partners attach $5.87 of their own services when they have >50% of their revenue in the cloud.

Best and most innovative enterprise cloud productivity solution

No other cloud provider offers such a complete suite of productivity services. Office 365 is recognized as the leading cloud productivity platform. Our customers can access the productivity platform through the browser or through the Office application, used by 1 billion users worldwide.

Integrated but separated enterprise and consumer cloud offerings

Not all competitors in this space offer consumer solutions. Others have only one consumer platform that they extend to the enterprise, mixing SLAs and involving the greater risk of sharing private information in a public environment.

Source: Microsoft


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